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Roll any new (or future!) Tormach add-ons into your existing lease with Geneva Capital!

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Tormach's goal is to make growth easy by offering a great line-up of accessories and tools you can add to your base machine at any time. Our goal is to make financing those add-ons just as simple and seamless.

The beauty of Tormach equipment is that you're never boxed in. There are always features you can add to your machine to boost efficiencies, cut down on human labor, and offer more to your customers...faster.

Many Tormach owners choose to hold-off on purchasing helpful (but maybe not crucial) accessories from the get-go due to budget constraints or lack of justifiable need. Down the line as your business expands, those once "would be nice someday" accessories will likely move into the need column.

If your initial purchase was financed with Geneva Capital, when the time comes for adding a 4th Axis or Tool Changer to your set-up, we'll simply roll the cost of the add-on(s) into your existing lease. You'll keep the same due date, same rates, and same length of term. The only thing that will change is your payment amount (because we'll split up the cost of the add-on between the months remaining on your original term then add it to your normal payment).

In addition, there's no limit to how many times you can "add on" to your original agreement. If your term is 60 months, the door is wide open to add a feature in month 3, month 14, and month 31 if it strikes your fancy...making growth affordable at whatever pace you're making it happen.

Getting started.

The requirements are simple:

  • Your original "base" equipment must be financed with Geneva Capital.
  • You must be in good standing with us (not in default).
  • If your initial purchase was more than 120 days ago, you'll need to fill out this credit application, with "ADD-TORMACH" in the promo code field so we know what to do when it comes through our inbox!
  • If your initial purchase was less than 120 days ago, you won't need to submit a credit application - just email us to get started!


  *Financing is subject to credit and equipment approval and time in business. All examples are for illustrative purposes only and will vary based on each unique situation.

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